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Sam Hauser Art & Design

Well hello there! I am a Colorado based artist that works in a variety of mediums. I combine realistically rendered figures and botanicals with dynamic color relationships to produce captivating investigations into self-evolution and memory. Inspired by forests of aspen and monumental mountain sunsets, I distill the beauty I find around me into intensely colorful celebrations of human experience.


I earned a degree in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015, where I studied everything from traditional master painting techniques to color abstraction. Since, I have continued to evolve my oil painting technique and style. Figures and objects are finely rendered, steadfast in existence. They dance amongst ethereal plains of shifting color that invoke the work with motion and a feeling of transcendence.


Over the past two years, I have also been developing a practice in fiber art. I am fusing my painting style with traditional batik fabric dye process, something I picked up studying in Italy. These works begin as raw white silk. I develop images by painting on the silk with melted wax and then placing the silk in a dye bath. This process is repeated for each color until the image is finished: wax, dye, wax, dye, wax, dye. Then the wax is removed, and the artwork is stretched over a frame. There is very limited control in the process, which I find the most interesting element of the medium. I discover colors I could have never mixed intentionally!


In all of my works, I maintain a fantastically feminine color palette. You can't dull me down! Vibrant color, expressive figuration, and a clear use of layering bring to life a sensation of memory and wonder. I consistently show my work locally and nationally. Check out my events page for upcoming shows! I also work teaching art workshops and private lessons for all ages in the Denver front range community. Reach out for private lessons, zoom or in person!

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